Free Printable Green Graph Paper Template in PDF

Engineering graph paper, or green graph paper, is traditionally printed on light green or tan translucent paper. It usually has four, five, or ten squares per inch. Millimeter paper is used for technical drawings and it has ten squares per centimeter. However, Hexagonal paper has regular hexagons instead of squares.

The concept of Graph Paper is not a secret to anyone and worldwide all mathematicians, engineers, and some creative professionals have been using it ever since it was introduced. 

Graph paper, grid paper, or squared paper is writing a paper that has printed fine lines making up a regular grid (generally square shape). It is typically used in mathematics and engineering education settings and in laboratory notebooks as well.

Types of Graph Paper

5mm Graph Paper -: This is a standard Cartesian system graphing paper. This type of Graph paper is often used by engineers and usually comes in green color.

 1/4″ Inch Graph Paper -: This is also known as a Quad paper, as the name suggests its 4 boxes make a 1-inch square. Sometimes it’s also been referred to as quadrille paper. The only difference between the rest of the graph paper listed here is the size of the boxes.

Types of Graph Paper


Virtual Online Graph Paper -: The next on the list is virtual online graph paper. It is a simple graph to use all you need to do is click anywhere in the graph to get started. Upon clicking the grid-like structure provided in the graph draw lines on it by holding the mouse button while dragging.

If you want to write any text you can easily do it by clicking at the position you want to write and type the desired text. Once you are completed with your work you can easily download the paper as it is. However, you would also have an option to take a screenshot and get a printout later.

10 Squares Per Inch Graph Paper -: The next in the queue is 10 squares per inch of graph paper. This kind of graph is easily manageable and precise. Like the other graph papers, it is also designed for letter-size paper in portrait orientation.

Dot Paper -: Dot paper is very similar to graph paper. The big difference between the usual graph and dot paper is that other than lines it has dots arranged in a pattern. This type of graph paper is widely preferred by designers.

Dot Paper


Like the other graph papers, it is also designed for letter-size paper in portrait orientation. It is also popular amongst children for playing games. You can download them in PDF format or print them directly from the website.

Centimeter Graph Paper -: It is a standard graph paper, the only difference is that the lines are 1 centimeter apart from each other in this particular graph. It can be easily downloaded to use from dedicated websites.

1/2″ Half Inch Graph Paper -: The next kind of graph paper in the list is Half inch graph paper. They can be used as a two-dimensional ruler, the boxes are ½ inches apart from each other which makes them easy to use. You can download them in PDF format and take a printout from the website.

1″ One-Inch Graph Paper -: This graph paper is large in size and hence they are very useful for measuring purposes. Its large size makes it perfect for presenting data in a crowd since they can see this from far as well.

Isometric Graph Paper -: This kind of graph paper is mainly used for drawing 3D or three-dimensional figures. Its different lines represent all the 3 aspects of length, height, and width. They can be used to make architectural designs, Isometric art for plotting the 3D functions. They are very useful for drawing sketches and drafting plans as well.

Isometric Graph Paper


Log Graph Paper -: Log is a short form of logarithmic, this graph paper is used to plot data where the values can change dramatically. That means the values can go up or down drastically quicker. 

Polar Graph Paper -: This graph paper has a traditional grid with horizontal and vertical lines. This is used to plot the Cartesian coordinates in which you can represent the location by the horizontal and vertical points.

Printable Green Graph Paper

The engineer graph papers can be easily downloaded from various websites. They are available in 4 sizes of paper (legal, letter, ledger, and A4).

There are so many websites that provide you with Printable Graph Paper templates of every type and in every size. You can simply download them in PDF format and take as many printouts as you want.

Printable Green Graph Paper


You can find a dedicated website where these graphs are readily available. So that you do not have to invest time or go out in the market to buy one. Indeed the internet has made our life easier.

Conclusion– They are very easily available on the internet and hence, now you do not have to go out to the market to buy them. The good part is that on most of the websites you can get them for free. You just search for the free printable Green graph paper to get your customized search.

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