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Greetings of the day! Today in this content we will learn about what 1 cm graph paper is and what role does it play in students’ life as well as an engineer’s life?

Paper printed with a network of little squares to aid(help) the drawing of graphs or different outlines this is basically known as Graph paper. We can say it as a very indispensable mathematical tool. 

Polar Graph Paper
Isometric Graph Paper
Graph Paper
1 Inch Grid Paper
Engineering Graph Paper
1cm Graph Paper
SemiLog Graph Paper
Triangle Graph Paper

There are probably a lot more types than the ones we are listing including large graph paper and hexagonal graph paper. Going through this content, centimetre grid paper is made accessible for every single pupil and any individual who requires them. When we study maths physics and arts subjects in school or colleges graph paper is the most indispensable tool which is required to understand the topic in depth. You cannot even complete your home assignments without them. 

We shall now discuss some sub-topics of Centimetre Grid Paper:

1 cm Squared Graph Paper

Metric paper with a similarly sparse grid typically has one or two squares per centimetre. Different kinds of grid paper are available for different purposes such as regular graph paper, log-log graphing paper, semi-log graph paper, isometric graph paper and much more! 

1 cm Squared Graph Paper


Graph Paper 1 Cm A4

Graph Paper 1 Cm A4


We are making graph paper available in a4 size which is considered as standard size and it is easy to attach, easy to paste into an exercise book.  You can even download in a4 size according to your requirements. 

Let’s see how we can download this in a4 size:

Step 1 Right-click on the paper and if you are using a smartphone then long-press on the picture.

Step 2 You will get a “SAVE AS” option. 

Step 3 Click on that and save it to your required folder. 

1 cm Grid Paper Printable

As we all know, we have an option to get graphs printed on A4 size paper instead of buying from the retailer through which we can save our time and money. 

1 cm Grid Paper Printable


Let’s see how we can download this in a4 size and get print of it:

Step 1 Right-click on the paper and click on the “Open Image in new tab”

Step 2 Now give the command Ctrl+P for the print of the template.

Step 3 Then select printer then the size of the sheet and give the print command. 

1 cm Grid Paper Word Document

1 cm Grid Paper Word Document


There is something we have come up with that you all can draw your own graph paper in a word document. Follow the few below mention steps to draw your own grid paper with a word document:

Creating Graph Paper in MS Word 2007 and 2010 and Customize Size and Colour of Cells for Accessibility

Step 1 Open Microsoft Word and create a new blank document. 

Step 2 Select Insert tab > Table > Insert Table. 3. 

Step 3 Create a grid of half-inch squares. 

  1. Number of columns: 15 
  2. Number of rows: 20 
  3. Select “AutoFit to Window” 
  4. OK 

Step 4 Highlight the table. 

Step 5 Select Home tab > Change font to Times New Roman and change the font size to 26. 

Step 6 Save it as a template.

Step 7 Print. 

To create graph paper with alternate coloured rows:

Step 1 After creating the basic table, click on the table and select the Table Tools Design Tab. Click the down arrow to display the Built-in table designs.

Step 2 Scroll down to select one of the Light Grid or Medium Grid options (choice of several colours). The table will convert to your colour choice.

Step 3 Save it as a template. 

Step 4 Print. 

Finally, I pen down by saying that Graph paper is flourishing by leaps and bounds in each and every way to help students in their respective fields. 

1 cm Grid Paper


Hope this article is helpful! Ask your queries regarding the same. I will answer them surely. 

1 Centimeter Graph Paper

1 Centimeter Graph Paper

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